Monday, 1 April 2013

Buy LoviBONDS!

Ever wanted to own part of a brewery? Are you passionate about Craft Beer?
Today sees the launch of LoviBONDS.
The LoviBONDS scheme gives you an opportunity to buy online shares in Henley-On-Thames brewery Lovibonds.

Lovibonds have been brewing cask ales since 2005. Their malty Henley Ale, based on an original Brakespere's recipe, has won many awards at CAMRA festivals up and down the land.

Geoff Rosenmeier said "With the introduction of LoviBONDS we will be able to expand and brew the new Weatherspoon's house ale, Lovin SpoonfAle."

Don't get sour grapes, invest in LoviBONDS today!


  1. OK folks, it's an April Fool. Thanks for reading.

  2. Oh yeah, and all the mistakes are intentional.