Saturday, 27 April 2013

Batch Number Bores

Hello you. Yes you.
You cannot and will not drink a bottle of Punk IPA without the need to comment on what batch number you are drinking and how it compares with the previous umpteen bottles you've tipped down your sad head.

You sad lonely idiot.
You will sometimes say it's not as good as it used to be.
If it really bothers you why do you keep buying it?
Do you drink it purely so you can comment on it?

Why not try leaving the house and going to a pub for once in your life. Hey, you could even go to a BrewDog bar and ask the person that serves you what batch number is in the keg. Idiot.


  1. yes i don't see any other beers on untappd having their batch number being mentioned, and when shopping for it is someone really going to . put it back because it's batch xxx??

  2. But on batch 342 I definitely got a whiff of bowman's sweat, and 452 was like drinking that devil sign James makes in every single photo of him. Thus you are refuted.