Monday, 30 April 2012

BrewDog: The Punk AGM 2012

Just a few things you should know about the BrewDog Equity For Punks AGM...

BrewDog Aberdeen sells some amazing beers. There may or may not be a sex dungeon under the bar.

They can brew on a tiny brew kit whilst they await the completion of the new brewery.
Johanna Basford can pour pints as well as hand draw pretty beer bottle labels.
Jonny Bright can mysteriously appear from nowhere to make sure you wash your hands after using the toilet.

Some folk bitched about queues at the bars but the longest I had to wait was 2 minutes. The shortest time I had to wait was 10 seconds. Now, that's fast when you think about how many thirsty punters there were.

It's easy to find someone if they wear a red bowler hat.
Max and Dan from BrewDog Notts have a knack of seamlessly handing out drinks to 700+ Equity Punks. I'm sure they will make great air stewards when BrewDog decide to run an airline.

Goodbye Trashy Blonde, hello Dead Pony Club.
What was that? BrewDog Birmingham? Yes!

We came, we saw, we drank. We enjoyed. Just one request, next time can we have the BMX Bandits playing some tunes?

Monday, 16 April 2012


2012 Good Friday,
No one came out to play.
The beer gardens were almost empty.
At home they decided to stay.

Dark Star Revelation V Oakham Scarlet Macaw.
Bristol Beer Factory Milk Stout V Hopshackle Black Mule.

Charters in Peterborough had their annual Easter beer festival, as did the Green Man in Stamford.
There were plenty of great beers on offer, but too many vacant chairs.

Sipping With Walter

Sipping with Walter, the alcoholic fantasist on a mission from Mars.
Dribbling excuses, the means to no end. Inhabiting a place that no others wish to tread. Jealous of other people's fun.

Winging it on a forgotten promise,
the misguided missile flying sky high to oblivion.
If nothing is worth saying its worth repeating ad infinitum.
Not waving, but downing.
Smiling and sinking...
But you can see the pain in those lonely eyes.

Monday, 9 April 2012

DERT 2012: Another London

Spring means DERT, the annual Rapper dancing tournament. Rapper is a sword dance originally performed in pubs by miners from the pit villages of Northumberland and Durham. The tradition of dancing in pubs is continued in DERT, for me this is an excellent excuse for a pub crawl.

The tournament this year was in Soho, so I looked forward to visiting some boozers that were new to me, and hopefully drinking a few London brews.
We wedged ourselves in the Shaston Arms and started with a pint of syrupy Firkin Fox by Hall and Woodhouse. Things were to improve enormously after this. The dancing in here was good though, with the Kingsmen and Star and Shadow. Someone that looked uncannily like HRH turned up with one of her Corgis.

Next up was The Three Greyhounds, a Nicholson's pub, so the guest ales were likely to be more exciting. The Summer Wine Brewery Barista, their espresso stout, was gorgeous. Loads of coffee, smooth and not bitter. Next to it on the bar was Otley Thai-Bo, a pale ale brewed with lemongrass, lime leaf and galangal. The Thai-Bo was refreshing in the crowded corner pub so it soon slipped down as Nottingham's Whip The Cat performed.

The best drinking of the day was during the dancers lunch break when we headed to The Old Coffee House on Beak Street. Five Brodie's beers; Amarilla, Citra, Brainwave, London Fields and Hackney Red IPA. All these were jam-packed with hops. I could easily find myself stuck in here for a few hours the next time I visit London.

The final leg took us to Endurance on Berwick Street and pints of Sambrook's Wandle bitter. My tastebuds had been lashed by now, but it seemed a pretty decent fruity beer. It was the first time I've tasted Wandle and the first time I think I've been in a pub with a stuffed bear stood in the corner.

That was it for another year. It usually takes me a couple of days to get the sound of concertinas and fiddles out of my head after DERT but I was to receive some help a few hours later from Electric Wizard at the Forum.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Horse and Trumpet, Sileby

Last week the Steamin' Billy Brewing Co opened their 7th pub in Leicestershire, the Horse and Trumpet in Sileby.

The idea, it seems, is to run this similarly to the Dog and Gun in Syston. It's a drinkers pub. No hot food here.
3 cask ales from the Steamin' Billy range and 5 guests. The keg beers included Meister Pils, Blanche de Bruxelles and Timmermans Kriek on this visit.

The pub hasn't been spoilt by having walls knocked out, so it's split into four rooms. Low ceilings, exposed wooden beams and "Mind Your Head" signs aplenty. A gorgeous country boozer.

It's only a short walk from Sileby railway station, so a Steamin' Billy pub crawl by train from Loughborough to Leicester via Sileby and Syston is a must.

4 Barrow Road
Leicestershire LE12 7LP

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Beer For Babies

Today sees the launch of a new beer brewed especially for babies.
The press release for the beer, named Gigglebrat, describes it as a "low alcohol beer brewed for delicate palates, with subtle hints of rusk and milk."

When questioned about the beer the press officer for the brewery said
"We wasted thousands of pounds on creating a beer aimed specifically at females. Where we previously failed at realising that women already drink beer, we think we have created a new market for nappy wearing consumers."

The brewery also had this to say,
"We are currently developing a beer for pet hamsters, which we aim to release when the beer for babies fails."