Thursday, 23 February 2012

BrewDog Nottingham: Doors Open

BrewDog Nottingham opened its doors on 23 February . We arrived about 7pm and reluctantly hauled ourselves out four hours later.

So tonight Nottingham had a new bar where you could drink draught beer from Japan, the US, Denmark and Scotland plus bottled beers from Belgium, Norway and New Zealand.

The staff here are the kind we appreciate at BrewDog bars; welcoming, chatting with the customers about the beers, offering tasters to those new to BrewDog and slapping temporary tattoos on any exposed parts of skin.

For saying this was a "secret" opening the bar became busy as the night went on. You can't really miss the branding though, can you?

Even Robin Hood likes a can of Punk IPA every now and then.

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  1. Popped down last night for a few hours too - great & well needed addition to the Nottingham bar scene.
    Something really civilised too about Paradox Jura, a cheeseboard and Connect-4!