Sunday, 22 January 2012

BrewDog and The Lost Abbey Lost Dog

Lost Dog is the BrewDog and Lost Abbey collaboration beer. It's an imperial porter that has aged in rum barrels for about 9 months.
At the time of writing this, the bottles haven't been listed for sale in the BrewDog online shop, but a few have turned up in specialist off licences.

The packaging looks great, the bottle comes in a small gold and black box, but how's the beer?

It poured quite flat. Any trace of a head disappeared almost instantly.
It smelled woody from the barrel it's been aged in. Whiffs of the rum too.
The taste was pretty much of the alcohol and wood with a lot of sweetness. There's quite a thin mouthfeel. In an 11.5 % abv beer I prefer something a bit more thick and chewy, something the gorgeous Alice Porter has at only 6% abv.

I think this one for the die-hards.
I might get another bottle and stash it away to see how it is in a year or two. Meanwhile, we have the Paradox Jura to look forward to.


  1. Interesting. Doesn't see like the barrel has added anything here. Not had a rum aged beer that I've liked come to think of it. Will still buy one though to check it out. Might be pretty good with Shellfish. Where did you buy it from?

  2. Hi Rick,
    I got the bottle from The Offie, Leicester (a great little bottle shop). I've also drank it on draught at BrewDog Camden and it pretty much tasted the same then.

  3. i had it on draught in camden and wasn't too impressed either. I do want to get hold of the paradox jura though!

    1. Hi Steve, I also had it on draught in Camden but couldn't decide what I thought of it as I'd been drinking all day.