Thursday, 18 August 2011

Oakham Ales Untouchable IPA

Oakham Ales have brewed a massive IPA that kicks seven shades out of X- Terminator.

Untouchable IPA 9% abv.

Now listen, I'm not a fan of Emerson Lake and Palmer.

Fruit salad brain surgery.

You've got the peaches and orange marmalade flavours followed by the alcohol. That faint whiff of armpit you sometimes get from high alpha hops.
It's immense. The alcohol almost burns.

With a cask IPA this strong you will feel and taste the alcohol. I didn't mind it. I enjoyed it. Some brewers would keg and chill this kind of high abv beer so the alcohol is less pronounced. I'd like to try this kegged too. Purely out of greed, so I could drink it with more ease...

Did I say it's immense? It's immense. There's a shedload of hops.
I think I've found a high abv IPA as good as or better than Hardcore IPA.

Now look away. I'm drinking.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Lucifer Rising

Rewind to the London Brewers' Alliance showcase 2010. The first drink I had there was from Camden Town Brewery. They'd only been going about 5 mins or a matter of weeks. It was really good stuff, appreciated after a train and tube journey into the centre of a sticky London.

The brewery are doing well and it's been easy enough to find their Camden Pale, Hells and Pilsner in the Euston Tap, Southampton Arms, Jolly Butchers and Draft House on other visits to the capital.

I spotted some bottles at GBBF and picked up a couple.

Brown glass - tick.
Great label design - tick.
Drank some some from a glass and some straight from the bottle.
From the bottle it's easy drinking, not gassy.
In the glass it pours a pale golden colour. Faint whiff of Camden Lock. Malty and refreshing. Excellent stuff.

Go to Hells.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

The Kernel at The Cask Pub and Kitchen

Arriving in London and panicking that I'd forgotten my ear defenders. I was going to a gig, right?

Well not quite, but these events feel like gigs to me, being so used to small intimate gigs in pubs. 10 minute queues at the bar...

12 beers lined up on one bar. 9 keg and 4 cask.
Export India Porter, Imperial Brown Stout, Saison, Nelson Pale, Black IPA, Nelson IPA, Citra IPA, Mount Hood Pale, Export Stout, Citra, Nelson IPA... I lost count.
8 bottles too. I think.

Back at The Cask Pub and Kitchen, Pimlico.

Its only a year since I first drank The Kernel. I wouldn't even know which beers they were. I picked them up at Sourced Market at St. Pancras. I've only had a draught beer of theirs at the London Brewers' Alliance showcase last September, Citra. Had plenty of, shedloads of bottles since though.

Tonight was proof, if it were needed, that in about 18 months this small brewery has become one of the most successful in London and I guess any second now the UK.

Massive fresh flavours from the pale hoppy beers and IPAs. The Export India Porter was a sublime mix of bonfire toffee and fennel. The Saison was as good as any Belgian farmhouse Saison.

Beers were soon running out and some taps being replenished. Crowds of drinkers. This was always going to be the one.

Next time make sure you're there.