Friday, 4 February 2011

Chip On My Shoulder?

I'm glad of this topic for the session 'cos it's summot that really gets my goat.

Everyone knows that chips are best out of a bag. Who the heck decided to start serving them on a polystyrene tray? In a tray they quickly get cold and dry out until the remaining few I haven't managed to scoff in 5 seconds become indigestible brittle shards.

Chips in bags stay warmer longer and steam themselves so they remain pleasurable nosh to the last crumbs.

If we were discussing beer then I'm less passionate about what container it's stored in or how it's dispensed so long as the beer itself is of quality.

If pastuerised beer is in a bottle and the overwhelming taste is of CO2 then I don't want it.

If it's bottled conditioned and the overwhelming taste is of yeast then I don't want it.

If it's a nitro keg masquerading as summot it's not then I ain't interested.

If it's a sweet brown 3.7% ale that has barely had a sniff of hops
then I won't waste my money on it even if it has been kept well in a cask.

Great beer has its place - in front of me and I ain't bothered if it's in glass, plastic or pewter. Just don't get me started on chips...